Welcome: Our New Website

If you have been to our website before, you may have noticed that things look a little different around here. And you’d be correct!

Earlier this month, we launched our all-new Authentic Orthodontics website. As an orthodontic group that values innovation – both in orthodontics and in our customer service – we wanted our website to reflect who we are.

In this blog, we want to get you familiar with our site so you can take advantage of this wonderful resource. With the added benefit of accessing patient forms and important educational tools, our website is sure to keep you smiling!

What’s New?

One of the biggest changes in our website is the look:



In our new website, we wanted to focus on who we are, and how we care for our patients. While we do love our modern office design, as shown in the picture on the old homepage, we wanted the new design to show the activity, fun, and patient care that takes place within our office each day.

With the help of video, our new homepage captures our interactions with patients, the work we do, and the smiles we create. Our video brings our practice to life; even if you have never been into our office, you may begin to feel like you have after seeing our video footage!

Next, you will notice the navigation menu at the top of the screen. Our new website aims to inform and prepare our patients and their family members for their visit. By showing the work we do and the results we can achieve, we can help make patients feel more relaxed and confident in choosing us.

With our additional resources, including our blog, smile gallery, and information on the types of orthodontics we provide, our website is your one stop for the care of your teeth.

How Does The Website Help Me?

Here are 5 things you can now quickly do on our improved site:

  1. Easily contact one of our offices to schedule appointments or ask questions
  2. Read our blog to learn more about how we can transform your smile
  3. Access important patient forms and financial information
  4. Find our social media channels to stay in touch and updated with our latest news

Why The Changes?

In our world today, we expect to have information available to us at the click of a button and the tap of a phone screen. To meet you where you are – at home, work, or on the go – we are easing the process of managing your orthodontic health.

Not only do we want to make your interactions with us more convenient, but we also want to bring what makes our practice special to our website. If you have been in our office, you know that we like to have fun! Our website now reflects who we are: an office that is professional, but has a vibrant personality.

On our new website, we want to show how much we love our jobs, and love serving our patients. Our website is just another way that we can provide efficient and easy customer service for you!

Smiles All Around

As orthodontists, we are in the business of making smiles. Along with our care and treatment of your teeth, we want your entire patient experience to leave you smiling. Our new website is just another way we can serve you, providing important information in a format that is easy to navigate and understand. 

Have questions or feedback about our new site? Get in touch with us today. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in our Calgary office soon!