Top 5 Reasons To Go To An Orthodontist

For many people, the reason to visit an orthodontist is simply to get a straighter smile. While we do take pride in making smiles bright and beautiful, there is so much more to the life of an orthodontist!

Everyday in our Calgary office, we provide a full assessment of your smile. We look at the big picture, offering solutions for jaw and teeth alignment, and bite issues that can impact your overall health. By taking a holistic approach to treating your teeth, we can give you a smile that doesn’t just look great, but also functions properly.

What is an Orthodontist?

One of the most common questions we get is quite simply, “what is an orthodontist?”

Orthodontists are dentists, who have taken on additional training to specialize in treating misaligned teeth and jaws. When you have problematic bite issues, you can suffer from poor dental health, problems chewing, difficulty speaking, and even painful headaches.

An orthodontist’s additional training means that we can spot dental problems quickly, but we can also create a plan to move forward to correct and also prevent problems from arising. While you must still go to your general dentist twice a year for check-ups, your orthodontist is a specialist who gives an extra level of care that makes your smile even better.

Top 5 Ways an Orthodontist Can Help You

Our team is in the business of helping others. By giving you the path towards a more beautiful and healthy smile, we help improve your life and well-being in many ways. Here are just a few of the ways our team can help you:

1. Straighten Teeth

First and foremost, patients come to us in the hopes of getting a straight smile. Depending upon your age, complexity of issue, and previous orthodontic experience, we can provide a solution that works for you.

Despite what many people think, it is never too late to visit an orthodontist! We provide orthodontic solutions to patients of all ages. For busy adults and teeangers, we even offer clear braces alternatives, including the increasingly popular Invisalign treatment!

2. Align Jaw

One of the most common reasons dentists refer their patients to us is to align bad bites. A bad bite can be identified as a crossbite, an irregular bite, or an overbite, and a misaligned jaw can affect your overall dental health. Wearing down of the jaw muscles or the tooth enamel are common dental problems that a bad bite can cause.

Our options for bite correction vary, from simple orthodontic treatments to more complicated steps, like surgery. We will assess your bite, discuss any issues or concerns you may have and present the treatment options available for you.

3. Expand Palate

Especially for our younger, first-time orthodontic patients, fixing the palate is an important part of the process. With a palatal expander, the roof of the mouth is slowly expanded, allowing the mouth to grow outwards.

With the help of the expander, teeth can grow normally without overcrowding. While there can be some pressure from this treatment, the results are long-lasting, giving your mouth and teeth room to be shaped into a beautiful smile.

4. Reduce Pain and Dental Problems

Often, orthodontic problems can cause headaches, pain, or other pressures that make your mouth uncomfortable. Through full treatment, you don’t just have a smile that looks good; you also have one that feels good! 

Since crowded teeth and bad bites can create headaches, increase the number of cavities, and can make it harder to chew, a good orthodontic plan can make all the difference for you.

5. Boost Confidence

More than anything, a great smile from the orthodontist can increase confidence, good moods, and pride in your appearance. Smile without worry, laugh with friends, and show confidence when meeting new people.

With a smile you love, you are more likely to get the most out of life, without being nervous about how your smile can affect your daily interactions.

Calgary-Area Orthodontists

Let our experienced team at Authentic Orthodontics be your resource for a better smile. Whether you are curious about what orthodontics can do for you or if you have specific concerns such as crooked or crowded teeth, jaw issues or even cosmetic needs, we can help!

If you have always wanted a great smile, call our orthodontics team today! Invest in your future, and get a smile that will benefit you for years to come.