Bite Basics: Why Fix A Bad Bite?

At Authentic Orthodontics, we most often welcome patients who seek braces or Invisalign to adjust their teeth. Sometimes, though, there are different steps that must be taken to create the healthiest, best version of your smile.

Patients who have more complex issues with the structure of their smile come to us for help with bite correction. A bite problem, or a malocclusion, can affect more than just the shape of your smile; it can also affect the overall health of your teeth, gums, and mouth.

Our staff is dedicated to giving you a smile that doesn’t just look great, but one that will also be healthy and functional for years to come. If your dentist has sent you to us because of a bite problem, you are in good hands. Learn more about the bite correction process and how our doctors can help you!

Why Correct My Bite?

For many people – your orthodontist not included – a bite problem is a very minor issue. Sometimes, these problems cannot be detected unless a trained professional points it out to you.

Because of this, you may be wondering, “Is this really a big deal? Why correct such a small problem?” In orthodontics, we find that sometimes small problems can eventually lead to major issues for your smile. By taking the time to correct a bad bite, you are taking steps to a healthier smile.

What Types of Bite Problems Exist?

There are several different types of bite problems that exist. Here are some of the most common:

  • An overbite
    Overbites occur when the top row of teeth extend far beyond the bottom row of teeth. This is an effect of a misaligned or different sized jaws. An overbite can sometimes result in the front teeth appearing larger or protruding in an exaggerated way.
  • An underbite 
    Underbites are the opposite problem of overbites, where the lower row of teeth is not aligned with the top row of teeth. This can appear as though the bottom jaw is jutting out.
  • Crowded teeth 
    Typically the bite issues that are fixed with the help of an orthodontist, crowded, crooked teeth can cause long-term dental and gum problems because these teeth are harder to clean properly.

What Are Bite Correction Treatments?

There are several different types of bite correction treatments that we offer at Authentic Orthodontics. These treatments include:

  • Elastics
  • Power Scope
  • Carriere
  • Herbst
  • Twin Block
  • Surgery

You can learn more about these options on our Bite Correction page, which gives more details about each service we offer.

What Happens After Bite Correction Treatment?

Once Dr. French or Dr. Olsen have guided you through treatment, you are on your way to your best smile yet! Now that your bite problem has been corrected, you may require further orthodontic treatment.

Further treatment – such as braces, retainers, or mouthguards – can help you or your child achieve a perfect smile. Our team will discuss all the options, estimated treatment time, and other information that you need to make the best decision possible.

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