We're back and can't wait to see you!

As of May 27, 2020 we are open again and so excited to see each and every one of you!

We're aiming to see existing and new patients as soon as possible, but must ask for your patience since we're running around 50% pace for now.  The extra precautions and regulations are keeping all of us safe, but it will take some time to get everyone in.

Existing Patients

We will call you to book your next appointment, starting with those who had appointments in March and moving forwards from there. We apologize for any delays, but we're doing our best to be fair to everyone. We'll make every effort to recover lost time once we see you.

If you are in pain or have an urgent need, please do call us and we'll take care of you ASAP.  If we aren't available, be sure to leave a voicemail (even during business hours) so we don't lose track of your call.

Otherwise, our receptionists are quite busy with the rescheduling process and making hundreds of calls per day, so we kindly ask that you support us by not calling until we've contacted you first.  A better way to reach us would be by email from the appropriate location page on our website.

Details of our new screening and safety policies will be shared when your appointment is booked.

New Patients

Feel free to request an appointment through one of our 3 locations and we will include you in our scheduling to the best of our abilities.

Since we are recovering from being closed for almost 3 months, we appreciate your patience as we catch up on overdue appointments with existing patients.  We're doing our best to be fair to everyone, including you!

Thank you for your patience and for understanding that we’re operating at lower capacity.  Still, it is definitely better to request an appointment now, to decrease the wait time before we can first see you.