Bite Correction


Bite Correction

One of the first things your orthodontist will look for when examining your smile is whether you have any bite correction problems. By addressing bite corrections first, your doctor can then help shape your smile.

Depending on the type of bite correction required, there are a variety of appliances that could be used to achieve the desired result. The most common appliances used are:

  • Elastics
  • Power Scope
  • Carriere® Distalizer Appliance
  • Herbst®
  • Twin Block
  • Surgery

Power Scope

Power Scope is used to correct Class II malocclusion (overbite). This is when the upper teeth stick out farther than the lower teeth and cause the bite to be uneven. It is a fixed appliance (stays in the mouth) and gently delivers continuous forces to help efficiently and effectively align your bite.

Carriere® Distalizer Appliance

Carriere® Distalizer Appliance is typically used at the beginning of treatment to distalize the posterior teeth. It is used with a lower retainer and elastics which should be worn at all times, with the exception of eating. Braces will be added once the carriere is removed to finish aligning the teeth.


Herbst® is used to correct an overbite. The herbst is typcially used in conjunction with braces to help the lower jaw develop in a forward direction, resulting in an ideal bite.